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Hate Crime in the LGBT Community

Liberia: Another Hate Crime in the LGBT Community

Another documented gender based hate crime against a lesbian woman who lives openly gay, marks a rise in the number of attacks against homosexuals in Liberia. In this new case, the woman, who has asked not be named, was allegedly attacked because her neighbors are

professor is fired after LGBT rights

BYU-Idaho professor is fired after LGBT rights Facebook post

On June 5, Brigham Young University-Idaho adjunct professor Ruthie Robertson typed up an 854-word post on her private Facebook page. “In honor of LGBT Pride Month, I thought I would reveal some things in the name of authenticity,” the 22-year-old professor of political science began.

Caitlyn Jenner

Debunking The “Transgender Women Aren’t Women” Myth

Whipping Girl author Julia Serano takes down the fallacies one by one. I was recently interviewed by the New York Times about my work and writings as a trans feminist. From pre-interview conversations we shared, I knew that my interviewer planned to ask me about

Madrid’s Beating Heart of Equality

Today’s Spain is a world leader when it comes to recognition of sexual diversity, a remarkable turnaround since the country emerged from the repressive Franco dictatorship in the mid-1970s and began to embrace democracy and individual liberties.

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